Ebooks – a basic instinct

I once read that writers usually show themselves at a very early age – around seven or eight years. They are driven by a compulsion to make sense of words on paper, to tell a story, and to own the process. That is the creative urge. This desire, once discovered, unravelled and nurtured, never really goes away. Until now the world has been full of unfulfilled writers.

But not anymore.

Now we have the internet – and a host of outlets for our creative energies, a vast and interested but very particular audience, a place to present and be judged. And judging from the prolific outpouring on the net of poetry, short stories, novellas and full length books, I have realised – to my utter astonishment – that this compulsion to place emotions in bold physical markings is fundamental to the human race. It is, after all, the basis for growth in nearly all the ancient civilizations. And it’s not hard to understand. The written word makes emotion visible; our thoughts audible – literally – in someone else’s head. An extraordinarily powerful tool, writing has been often overwhelmed by visual communication. But somehow we have never lost our love of the origins of ideas in the written word.

So, connect with me and let’s talk about writing, the process, the frustrations, the ambitions – all the possibilities that arise from our uniquely human capacity to make our thoughts visible.


One thought on “Ebooks – a basic instinct

  1. Emy Deris says:

    Hi! Best of luck with your new blog and writing endeavors. And don’t worry about it being plain; you gotta start somewhere, right? 😉

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