Indie Writing: Review ‘Grimsley Hollow’

‘Grimsley Hollow – The Chosen One’ by Nicole Storey is first in a fantasy series for children. A key element which separates it from others in the genre is the lead character Gage, a young boy who is  autistic.  While this is a delightful tale entertaining in its own right – it has the unique angle of seeing events through the eyes of a boy who struggles to make friends in his own world, but achieves this easily in the magical world of Grimsley Hollow.

Written with passion and imagination, Grimsley Hollow has all the enchantment of a fairy tale combined with elements of epic fantasy. Intriguing, finely-drawn characters bring the extraordinary world of Grimsley Hollow to life. You will love Gage’s hideaway in the woods where he first meets a werewolf, a witch and a vampire. Imbued with magical powers which at first he doesn’t understand, Gage is called upon to help his new friends eject a wicked witch who has taken control of Grimsley Hollow. Ms Storey spares us nothing: from wolves, witches, vampires to dragons, pixies and the foul smelling, evil-eyed bejangs, you are taken on a breathtaking journey in the age-old fight of good against evil. Grimsley Hollow is Halloween come to your doorstep; the wicked glint of a pumpkin eye; the mystery of the woods in the moonlight. You’d better wear your lucky witch’s hat when you read this one. You’re gonna need it!

Here’s the link to Grimsley Hollow – The Chosen One



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