Review: ‘Grimsley Hollow – Eve of the Beginning’

I’ve just finished reading ‘Grimsley Hollow – Eve of the Beginning’ by Nicole Storey, prequel to ‘Grimsley Hollow – The Chosen One’. Related in first person, the prequel is pacy, well-written and intriguing. A complete magical world is brought to life with all the mythical beings who once lived on earth but now occupy Grimsley Hollow – a place populated with witches, werewolves, vampires and pixies.

When a wicked witch takes charge of Grimsley Hollow, the residents have only one solution up their voluminous sleeves – and that is to engage the help of a human boy who has magical powers. The boy, Gage, is autistic – but while challenged in the human world he has unbeknown to him, capability of holding powerful sway in the magic one.

‘Eve of the Beginning’ introduces many of the characters that will play major roles in the Grimsley Hollow series. It provides background and an understanding of the world of Grimsley Hollow and how they lost their world to the control of an evil witch – a witch whom only Gage, the human boy, has the key to confront.

I found ‘Eve’ a delightful read – vibrant and full of humor while carrying a serious undertone. Eve, a young witch only 11 years old,  is a snappy little number – pithy, cheeky, streetwise (Grimsley-wise!) and very, very real.  This prequel novella prepares you for the grim events ahead in ‘The Chosen One’ when the battle between good and evil moves into play. When the Halloween-like world of Grimsley Hollow needs help, it’s almost comforting to know they need to find a human boy with the kind of powers even the wizards of Grimsley hold in awe. A great read – whether you have already read ‘The Chosen One’ or not. It certainly fleshes out what is becoming a very worthwhile children’s series.


One thought on “Review: ‘Grimsley Hollow – Eve of the Beginning’

  1. nicolestorey says:

    Thank you so very much for your review of my book. I am honored to have such a spectacular author read my work!

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