Armistice Day – Remembrance Sunday

Moving tribute to those fallen in The Great War. We need writing like this – truly lest we forget.

Stephen Liddell

I am re-posting this article from last year as many of my reader won’t have seen it before and it is still one of the most viewed posts I have written.

Sunday sees the third, final and probably by far the most important in the triumvirate of special days in the UK autumn calendar, Armistice Day. Regular readers of my blog will know that I take an interest in visiting memorials around the country (and indeed the world) and Sunday will see the whole nation do likewise.

Never mind the empire, the recent wars on terror or even D-Day or The Battle Of Britain; you can only truly understand modern Britain if you are familiar with WW1.

Armistice Day or sometimes more commonly referred to as Remembrance Sunday or Poppy Day falls on 11th November each year to remember the war dead in the U.K.

Originally created to remember the…

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