Game of Thrones – The fact behind the fiction

Stephen Liddell shows how close the plot of Game of Thrones runs to the fascinating and complex plots of medieval English history.

Stephen Liddell

Like many others I am an avid fan of Game of Thrones, not the novels as I simply don’t have time to read them but most definitely the television series.  However I don’t have access to the particular TV channel that broadcasts it in the UK so like probably many others are a year behind and watching the events over one or two Westeros crazed afternoons.  Game of Thrones is a success for many reasons, not least the complexity of the plot lines, the vivid reality of life in its environs and long character arcs that reward long term view whilst all the while us viewers are well aware that anyone could be killed off in an instant and by the third season probably all of us fans have seen this happen once or twice.

What separates Game of Thrones from similar shows or movies is not just its huge…

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