About Malla Duncan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I suppose I should start off by telling you the basic stuff – I’m a Cape Town writer who, after a career in  communications and copywriting, writes suspense thrillers, children’s fantasy and books for African children, etc – but I’d rather tell you about why I write and why I think you would want to read what I write.

My aim, anytime I begin a novel, is to intrigue. To do that I can’t ever follow a formula. Every story has to be unique – not only to keep your interest, but mine. A book should be an adventure, a road less travelled. That’s why I have ordinary, flawed female leads – they’re not going to look like something Hollywood churned out from a mold. My female leads may be neurotic, or selfish, or a little on the dark side – just like so many ordinary people out there – but it’s this very ordinariness that makes them unmanageable. Why? Because there are always hidden reaches in all of us – and where my characters will go, how far they will reach, and what they will be prepared to do – are the fascinations that make the adventure and the intrigue.

So we have unlikely and ordinary female leads – and then they are tested in circumstances that are anything but ordinary. I’ve watched characters develop and change before my eyes – and I hope that the same breathless anticipation may be reflected in the reader – otherwise what is the point? Pages filled with writing does not make a book. Uh-uh. You’ve got to have tension – and you’ve got to make that tension work on every page. Intrigue must carry the story like a lamp at the end of a dark passage. And that is what I try to do for you, the reader. Maybe in your view I succeed, maybe I don’t. You will let me know, I’m sure.

But if I can generate the same degree of intrigue, bewilderment, fascination and shock that I do in myself while writing, I will feel I have given you something worthwhile. Otherwise, as I say, what is the point?

Happy reading!

Oh, and just to keep this bio trad, some personal stuff: I love history, science, anthropology, astronomy, mystery thrillers, animals, positive people, marketing, free enterprise and the astonishing city of Cape Town.

Now off you go and find me on:

Twitter: @MallaDuncan

Facebook: Malla Duncan

Smashwords: Malla Duncan

Amazon: Author Page


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